Backyard Beans Coffee

Welcome to Backyard Beans. We are a traditional, classic roastery located in our red barn, in our backyard, in Summerland, BC.

In our roasting barn, everything is done by hand. Our mission is to stay small and hands on. We roast batches on a big old, fully manual, 12kg Probat roaster. Love and attention are put into every roast.

The beans we roast come from all around the globe and are the highest grade coffee available. As well, they are all ethically correct beans. All but three are either certified organic, UTZ certified, Rainforest Alliance or all of the above. The three not certified organic, Cuban, Brazilian and Burundi are organic by default. Grown by farmers who do not have the money or resources to become certified.

We love to hear from people out there. Links to cool things and other relevant topics are encouraged too. To send a comment, place an order or find out where you can purchase our beans in your locale your contact options are:

  1. Email:
  2. Phone: 250-494-5279
  3. Address: 3116 Johnson Rd, Summerland BC, V0H-1Z4

If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, drop in. Our hours are usually waking up (7am ish) to going to sleep (9pm ish).

19 Responses to “Backyard Beans Coffee”

  1. Hi; We bought a 1/2 lb of your wonderful beans at Urban Harvest and Choices and absolutely loved it !! My Austrian (coffee-house capital of the world!!) husband and I are thrilled to have found you as we both love a good strong cup of caffe as well as are strong supporters of local farmers, suppliers, and businesses! (we are local small business owners also) We love your simple & colorful packaging, your creative coffee names, and your farmer-&- earth-friendly organic commitments. You’ve definitely got new & happy clients with us and look forward to trying new beans as they are available. Sincerely Suzanne and Michael Hintringer, Kelowna BC

  2. Hi,
    I bought a bag of your Wakeup Bomb at the farmers market in Penticton while visiting my Grandparents.
    Best coffee ever!!!!
    Is there anyway that you might consider sending some to us in Calgary? 🙂
    Thank you for making such great great coffee!
    Cheers Heather

  3. I am from Edmonton AB. We just purchased a number of pounds of coffee via a fundraiser from you guys.
    I can start with this . . . DAMN you guys. . . .I’m SOOO addicted to your blends of coffee.
    My wife and I are starting to get slightly worried as we will be running low fairly soon. We have looked around and can’t find your products anywhere locally; Of this we are truely saddened.
    We would very much like to find out where we can purchase more of your perfectly roasted, expertly blended, tenderly packaged caffine product. Or in laymens terms WHERE CAN I BUY MORE OF YOUR COFFEE!!!!
    P-p-p-please respond with a favorable answer!

  4. Hi

    I am absolutely addicted to your Wake Up Bomb coffee. It is amazing! My mother-in-law was visiting from Montreal, we made a pot of coffee and she was blown away. Grocery store coffee doesn’t even compare.

    Great work, keep it up and thank you!

    Candace & Mike – Kelowna BC

  5. Hi, I have been buying Backyard beans for over 2 years now. I discovered them at a Penticton outdoor market and have been hooked (very pleasantly) since that first taste. I simply put in my order over the phone and within days they arrive in Edmonton for me to pick up at the bus station. Occasionally, when I run out of beans at the office, I try other gourmet free trade products but I am never satisfied. The rich smooth taste and yes, the simple packaging and the committment to the growers and preservation of our earth reflected in their operations and products make me a committed consumer and lover of Backyard Beans. Thank you for the exceptional service over the last 2 years (I will be phoning in shortly)!

  6. Just the best coffee ever – and I love your names for each different coffee. I got mine through a fund-raiser at Lansdowne Middle School in Victoria. Please send me a price list as my granddaughter has gone on from Lansdowne! Even the name will get me started in the morning – especially The Motor Mouth. I’m a real estate agent so this works for me. c.a.s.

  7. I am from Portland Oregon (USA) and was given a bag of Dancing Goat coffee for Christmas and I LOVE the beans so much I want to order them. I am from the US where Starbucks is king and I am a true blue starbucks fan…however….I am now a Backyard Beans fan and love every pot I make. It has to be the best coffee I have had and I have had coffees from all over the world. I recently had coffee in Greece and Turkey and for all of you that have had Greek or Turkish coffee know it’s the bomb but I still think Backyard Beans are better! I am hooked…..

    Thank you so much for making such a great product and I hope I can order more from you and have them shipped to the US….it’s a very long trip to make from here to there but I might even consider making the 9 hour and 17 min trip (one way) if I need to just to get more! 🙂

    Thanks…..Pam Peterson

  8. We really like the Shipwreck beans. Great coffee and the aroma of the beans is wonderful. Our friend in Summerland suggested we try it, and now we recommend it to others.

  9. best coffee. it’s all i buy now ^___^. Wake up bomb really does the trick for me. thanks guys.

  10. Hey,
    I bought some laughing coyote from you at the farmers market in Penticton last weekend. I just wanted to let you know that it is a really good bean! I put it through our Rancilio and pulled at 22 second shot that had flecking and tasted delicious.

    Jason Surkan

  11. This is for Heather, your 3rd letter writer… I found some of the Backyard Beans in Calgary! Check the Sunnyside Market on 3rd Avenue, N.W. (across from the 10th St. Safeway).

    I picked up the Dancing Goat blend, but saw “Smooth Operator” and “Wake up Bomb” blends there, too.
    Can’t wait to try this new (to me) coffee for breakfast tomorrow~

  12. Thank you to everyone for all the great and positive comments!

  13. Hi there,
    I am looking at buying a coffee roaster just like yours, according to the picture.
    The person selling it doesnt have any information about it and cant find any on the internet apart from a foto of your coffee roaster.
    Would you be able give me some info ?
    What is the model called?
    Does it have a chaff collecteur?
    The dimensions and weight ?

    Thank you very for your time

  14. Hi there! I found your website while looking for good coffee to buy in British Columbia. I would like to know what kind of coffe you sell and if you ship to Alberta? Thank you for your time.


  16. fabulous coffee 🙂

    and I am a coffee connoisseur…

    thank you for your devotion to the craft…

    and for the love that you share with the world…

  17. Looking for a new coffee to try, I finally picked up a bag of your beans (Shipwreck) after seeing them on the shelves of my local grocery store for the past year. Very happy with my choice! Amazing coffee! Your beans are now part of my rotation of coffees on hand at home. Just bought a bag of Wake Up Bomb today and enjoying a cup while writing this. Again, another great coffee. Can’t wait to try the other blends.

  18. Hey just wondering if you guys would be willing supply beans for a potential small town coffee shop? just shopping around right now and curious if you produce enough to sell to a business! Thanks

  19. Good Day,

    I would like to find out how much it would cost to ship a pound of coffee to:
    Victoria, BC and Borden, ON.

    thanks Trent